Issue with Eventstore cluster

I have an Eventstore setup on our servers and its been working fine. But I have noticed an issue that the data folder inside Eventstore creates multiple chunk files of 256 MB as the Eventstore data keeps on increasing. The total size of those files now is around 22GB. Also, when it runs on the server it consumes a lot of RAM around 11GB. Is there a way to limit the RAM consumption for the Eventstore or is there something incorrect in the configuration? Please let me know.

I assume you are running in windows, just limit the file cache Event
Store itself normally uses +- 700mb assuming you have two chunks
cached (thats 512mb there of unmanaged memory).

For the files are you scavenging your databases? e.g. post to
/admin/scavenge (are you actually deleting any of your data is another
good question)

Also you can lower your usage by changing metadata on your statistics
stream, by default we hold 10 days worth at 15 second intervals so the
last 57600. To change this edit the metadata on the$stats-{yourip}:{your
port} (change for your system). If you have 3 nodes then there will be
3 streams one per node.