Issue Starting EventStore

I am experiencing an issue starting my Event Store where looking at the logs everything appears to be running and I am able to telnet to the TCP port and also can get to the login screen on the UI.

Data File Size: ~44GB.

Event Store Version: 5.0.2

I have attached the latest log file from the Event Store startup where is seems to have stuck on the Index Rebuild.

I have also set the following values in the config to try and speed up the rebuild as suggested on this thread (!topic/event-store/NrQMnyT42nU)


Any help on this issue would be appreciated.

Stuart (5.72 KB)

How are you measuring that it is stuck as opposed to working?

The CPU was being hammered by the eventstore process and the trace wasn’t being updated.

Also I was unable to get logged into the UI.

I can confirm it came back after around 25 mins.

I think you can access the webui pretty early after startup but it is only functional after the server is fully started and all the checks are done. Seeing the UI but not being able to login is usually this.