Is there any documentation on a set of standard functions to be used in Query tab?

Hi all,

I am new to event store and could not get my head around on how to query it. I read throuhg some blogs but there is no step by step instruction or a comprehensive library on what preset functions should be used for quering event store.

I want to do a simple select based on the contain of transaction created. Are there any examples to be shared?

Thank you,

Look in docs under "Projections"

The query model though is not like a SQL query model it is focused on
queries involving multiple events (CEP). As example I want to see
where X happened then Y with criteria C within 5 minutes then Z within
10 minutes.

Overall the model is based on configuring a left fold. Queries consist
of a few parts.

A selector: fromStream fromStreams fromAll etc
state partitioning foreachStream statePartitionedBy etc
functions that are associated to events
    $any : function(s,e) { ... } etc
.filteredBy etc