Is it possible to bind EventStoreDB on all ipv4 and ipv6 addresses?


Is it possible to bind EventStore on and :: at the same time?

For anyone interested - I setup packet forwarding with socat which is ok my case because I need ipv4 only for the health checks.

setup_healthcheck_forwarding() {
  # Get the link-local IPv6 address of eth0
  link_local=$(ip -6 addr show dev eth0 scope link | grep inet6 | awk '{print $2}' | sed 's/\/.*//')

  # Check if we successfully got the address
  if [ -z "$link_local" ]; then
      echo "Failed to get link-local IPv6 address from eth0."
      exit 1

  # Use the link-local address and the eth0 interface in the socat command to forward TCP requests from
  echo "Using link-local IPv6 address: $link_local"
  socat TCP4-LISTEN:2113,reuseaddr,fork TCP6:["$link_local"%eth0]:2113 &