Is it corret if I am using projection like MQ?

Hi guys,

I’m making this design decision:

I have multiple streams running concurrently, my application is emitting differ net type of events to them (some from user, some from data provider that could be rapidly fast), and I’ve created multiple projections that aggregates events from all of these streams by event type.

I’ve several C# service subscribes to these projections and consume these events just like consuming messages from MQ.

My usage of eventstore at this point is more like a persistant stroage + message queue (I’ve not yet planned how I generate reports tho).

Just like to validate if this is close to correct start point of the Eventstore usage? Much appreciated if I could get some suggestions.

Kind Regards,


This is a valid use case and persistent subscriptions help a lot with this use case (ES can act as a message queue!)