Interested in Event Store administration utilities

I’m wondering if anyone is working on any open-source utilities for managing Event Store?

My current need is: I’d like to be able to delete multiple streams quickly according to criteria, like:

  • delete all streams (period.)

  • delete all streams from one category

  • delete all streams WHERE event 0 (WidgetCreated) == “Some name”

And then have the utility give me some return feedback about what streams were actually deleted, etc.

That’s my current need but I’m sure others will arise… Any utilities in the works? - otherwise we may start our own…

There is a branch you might want to look at that started bringing lucene into event store for exactly this type of indexing.

Search for “lucene” in GitHub comes up empty. Link?

Will find it, there is a branch for it somewhere. Basically it was
building lucene into ES then offering apis available to projections.
This would do what you want to do and a ton more.

Bumping the question: any luck finding this branch?