Intended Connection handling of Eventstore c# Client


i’ve a component which writes from time to time entries to the event store (some times multiple entries per minute / seconds, sometime only after hours)

what is the intended connection handling ? Should i have a mostly permanent open connection to the server oder should i only connect do my action and disconnect (like communicating with sql server)

thx for your replies

You can do either. The connection will automatically handle reconnects etc if it’s configured for it. We generally recommend long lived vs short lived connections

Thanks for your reply.

do i have to do synchronization work (with the c# client) or is it intended to be thread and multisession safe ?

I’m not sure wether i’m missing some deepter documentation about the c# client. if so please tell me :slight_smile:

You don’t do locking etc with it it handles that for you. Just call the async methods and your callbacks get called.