InMemory caching


For testing I’ve switched to using EventStore.ClusterNode.exe --mem-db which works as expected however the web interface on localhost:2113 appears to be caching event specific content between reloads. It appears going into incognito mode in chrome alleviates the situation but is there a way to disable caching when in in memory mode?

This is using Windows 10 with version 3.3.0.

--development-mode Enable development mode. This disables
caching on events over HTTP.

That sounds great Greg, however it doesn’t seem to be an option in the EventStore.ClusterNode.exe at least in Is it in another config somewhere else?

Specifically I was doing EventStore.ClusterNode.exe --mem-db --development-mode

The dev mode flag was in versions < 3.3.0 - it’s been split into a couple of options, the one you’re looking for is now DisableHTTPCaching and you can see the others here:

From memory i think the dev mode one wasn’t documented, but the latest docs seem to have all the options.

Thank you, that’s gets me where I want to be!