Incremental backup


I read several topics on this list about backups. From what I understood, .chk files copy define the backup time. And if additional chunks are created (or the last one modified - append only I notice), then they will be just ignored when restoring since .chk files do not point to these new data.

I was wondering if someone has tried incremental backup based on (some sort of) rsync? It would just copy new .chk files, new chunks and last chunk (that should be modified from a file perspective), am I right?

Additional question is about scavenging, does it just truncate chunks, without changing order or moving data from one chunk to another one ? Does scavenging would interfer with incremental backup ?



incremental backups are certainly possible. scavenge does merge chunks
by default eg chunk-0000001 chunk-0000002 can become
chunk-000001-000002 (note not using same name scheme). They can still
be incrementally backed up though