In-process event store?

Is there something like the in-memory ES, except writing to disc instead of in being only in memory? Or perhaps the reverse of that question, is there a way to start ES server from within my process instead of have it run as a separate process? An no I'm not just looking to process.start the exe. If not, why not? Thanks, Chris.

There is a flag for this ...

Sorry need to add a bit to this ...

Yes you can make it only write to memory (--inmemdb) will not use any disk.

Yes you can host it in your own process see embedded client
(EmbeddedVNodeBuilder etc) you can also specify that it can run in
memory only within your own process which is the flag I linked to in
previous email.


btw uses
embedded and also subscription/connection etc which may help get you

Exactly what I was looking for, Thanks!