Import events from regular RDBMS data: set timestamp on events.


In our current project we are going to use the EventStore for the next version of our platform.

Currently we have a ‘traditional’ 3-tier application with state being stored in a RDBMS.

In our migration we want to query our DB and (re-)create Event and these would represent the historical actions, which created the current state.

e.q. We have a table categories and for each row in that table we want a CategoryRegisteredEvent stored in the EventStore.

Most of your tables have a createOn, modifiedOn field, which we would like to use to set the timestamp of the Event in the Eventstore.

Is there same way to import ‘historical’ events into the EventStore?

Probably I just need to wait for blog post “Getting Started Part 4 - Importing events the easy way”, but I wanted to ask anyway.


Marco Beelen

We have similiar needs.

A 3rd party app that is using a rdbms table as a queue, with 4 different states a prescription can be in.
A row per state, change of state of an e prescription until it is delivered to the pharmacy.

We want to do periodic import (5 mins?) and emit errors if not delivered to pharmacy in 20 minutes of the prescription being generated.

Bryan Webb

Just put your timestamp in metadata.

any idea when Getting Started Part 4 - Importing events the easy way will be available ?