Idempotency and 400 bad request


I wondered if there is a reason why idempotency issues on posting an existing event twice returns 400 BadRequest and not 409 Conflict. It would be useful to detect idempotency issues.

-Svein Arne

An idempotent write should return a 201 created

btw by definition an idempotent write should not 409 conflict! f(x) =
f(f(x)) if f(x) is a 201 f(f(x)) should be 201.

Can you provide a test case where you are getting a 400 on an
idempotent write? There is fairly reasonable test coverage on this so
I'm wondering if the test may be a bit off. Normally when we
BadRequest we also write a reason why its a bad request. Are you
getting any content in your response?

I tried a bit to reproduce it here with no luck. What I remember is that the description coming back was Bad request but the server printed some text about idempotency and conflict to the screen.