Hybrid CQRS-Request/Response with Event Store

Not sure this is the right forum but… Would it be possible to have a hybrid system that would have mainly request/response operations and some commands. The reason is that we believe that the Event Sourcing of our domain is imperative for our clients and would like to implement it. But, on the other hand, the client wants an immediate response once they posted an update on an aggregate.


Most event sourced systems give an immediate response. This question
also has nothing to with event-store. I would try asking on the
ddd-cqrs list.

FWIW, we do this. We have a request/response REST API which creates
commands into aggregates, then events. On return from POST we redirect
to the view with an extra ?t=<commit position> query parameter. When
that GET hits, on any server in the cluster, a filter will pause the
request until the read model database has been updated with at least
that commit position, thus providing "read your own writes" semantics.

HTH and YMMV, Rickard