Http Octet

3.7.0 introduced a pretty useful feature for those using the http api.
You can now use an octet content type to read/write with atom feeds.
No transformations etc happen on the octet path. You can as an example
store protobufs or flatmap serialized things now. It is also faster to
store and retrieve information in this way even for say json/xml as no
transformations occur on them.



Hi Greg,

This sounds really interesting! I couldn’t find any mention of it in the 3.7.0 HTTP API docs though. Got reference and examples?

thanks, Rickard

Hi Rickard

You will find an example of writing events using the octet content type under “Data Only Events” in this doc for writing to a stream over http

Essentially, you read and write them the same way as you would application/json or applictaion/xml events, just with the octet/stream content type.