How to use the query tab / view in the web interface


Where is the documentation and examples on using the query window / page in the web-interface to ES?

E.g. I’d like to in an ad-hoc / troubleshooting scenario to find a specific event in a stream by filtering / searching for values in the JSON data



E.g. this very simple query does not work for some reason:


$init: () => ({

total: 0


BarcodeRegistered: (s,e) => {;



I just get: "Falure (tap notification to dismiss) Query not update

(not very informative error message).

The debug button seems to do nothing.

The only info on practical using query window was a non EventStore guy showing something on youtube. And then there is the SINGLE and only example here: which does not run either (when I replace stream name with my stream name and event type with my event type).

So any help and better documentation will be appreciated


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Hello Hoegge!

If you go to the projections tab and click on on the ‘Include all queries’ button, you should see your query with an error message underneath.

What does it say?

About debugging, I recommend looking at

You need to start your developer tools on your browser to be able to step through your projections.

I joined an image of what you can have in this email

Thanks. I also found out from a prior post, that the query window of does not work at all. Nice. We’re about to update to v 5.0 soon, so will hopefully help. Made the queries as one-time projections and things worked fine. The debug function probably does not work on either, then.

Docs are here -