How To subscribe to Groups of streams


currently i’ve one stream per aggregate (for example one customer) . Now i would like to have a subscriotion for “all customer” streams. Is there a better when then have a “subscripe to all” subscription and manually filter them ?

Enable by category and subacribe to the category.

Its unusual to want to subscribe this way though its much more common to subscribe by evebt type

Thanks for your reply. I was also looking for an api allowing to subscribe to specific event types.

But i didn’t found such an api. Have I overlooked something? Is there a api ? (I’m using the c# client api )

Or is this something i have to filter on my own ?

And is it a good practice to have a stream for each designated aggregate / entity?

See by event type projection…

Sorry for asking “stupid” questions :wink:

i can’t find an api thats named something like this.

I assume that you mean i could create join streams in the eventstore to get a new stream according to the eventtype right ?

So something built upon a strategie like this?

Or am I wrong ?

Found it

i guess you meant the predefined projection $et-…