How to stop writing to AppData/Local?

Is there a configuration setting to change the GetEventStore from writing to /AppData/Local/Temp/EventStore? I have 1.3GB of data in that folder and want to write to a mechanical drive instead of my SSD.



--db {path}

Ahh ok. I didn’t realize a anything was persisted if I started it up without a --db.


It is still persisted (and 100% consistent) its just that it will use
a different one next time.

by consistent I should say durable there. Even with tempdb it is
actually waiting for fsyncs etc.

That explains the 1.5GB of data I had sitting in my AppData :). Thanks.

It also runs much better on SSDs that spindles (seek times lower). The
model Log Structured Merge runs reasonably on both though.

Ok. Right now I am just dev’n with it and need to clear up some space on my main drive. If I could get rid of my Starcraft addiction I would have plenty of space on the SSD, but alas I have to make tough decisions and having GetEventStore run a bit slower on a mech disk seems to be the trade-off I will make at this point :).


Try out what "slower" means. Start up EventStore.TestClient and use a
wrfl 10 1000000 (10 threads 1 million transactions)

I’ll do that. I am pretty sure the stinky code I write will never be able to push the limits anyway :). Although I am amazed at how much of a difference using Event Sourcing and DDD with GetEventStore has sped up some processing that I used to do in N-tier with SQL.