How to install Event Store 3.9.3 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial)

Due to this issue, I’m looking at the possibility of using Ubuntu 16.04 (instead of 14.04) with Event Store 3.9.3 and upgrading past kernel 4.4.0-* (the latest for 4.4 as of today seems to be 4.4.45…)

I do see a couple past threads on running Event Store 3.9.X on Ubuntu 16.04, but, confessing I am not yet a veteran Ubuntu administrator, I’m not sure how to install this without a package targeted towards the correct OS version.

Could someone take pity on me and link to a guide for how this is done?

why not install ES 4.0 ?

You can install the Ubuntu 16.04 packages from Package Cloud.