How to improve Performance?

I am using ESDB v This is deployed in a docker container in Kubernetes cluster; data and logs are stored in the same installation directory. We use Java client to read the stream from the esdb server, pfb the code snippet.

ReadStreamOptions readStreamOptions = ReadStreamOptions.get().fromStart().notResolveLinkTos();
DomainEventDeserializer deSerializer = new DomainEventDeserializer();
try {
  List<ResolvedEvent> resolvedEvents =
      client.readStream(addPrefix(aggregateId), readStreamOptions).get().getEvents();

   return resolvedEvents
          resolvedEvent -> {
            byte[] eventData = resolvedEvent.getOriginalEvent().getEventData();
            return deSerializer.deserialize(null, eventData);
      .filter(data -> data != null)

The reading events from esdb is taking 3x the time compared to reading something from an sql db.
I would like to know what could be the optimal configuration for this and how to improve the read performance.

.\EventStore.ClusterNode.exe --db .\db --log .\logs --insecure --run-projections All --enable-atom-pub-over-http --enable-histograms --reader-threads-count 8 --worker-threads 10 --log-http-requests

this is the command used to run esdb in my local system, same options are enabled in kubernetes cluster also.

EVentStore is heavy on IOPS , check the IO stats first.
also, might not be the case here , but I’ve been bitten more than once by the performance of deserialisations, so benchmarking that is alos an option.