How to get position in the stream of fromCategory('X') projection ?


I have 100k accounts in the system with 25 new events per seconds in total

I am building a read view as a table described that simple AccountId uuid, Balance long

My streams are /streams/account-:uuid

In order to fill up the table I am long polling this projection using HTTP GET accepting application/vnd.eventstore.atom+json


.whenAny(function(s,e) {



I start with default position -1 and on process restart I want to continue from a last successfully saved event.

However, the event number I get as http response is the event number in its original stream account-ID, not accounts.

Q1: Where can I find the number of event in the stream “accounts”?

Q2: How big can EventNumber be? Its data type is int putting a limit of 2**31. Can I use fromCategory to replay all events accross all accounts since day 1 after 10y having 8billion events ?


PS. ES is cool

Found a solution by using /streams/accounts?embed=rich and positionEventNumber attribute for the entry