How to force stop and delete all projections?

Recently I’ve found that all my projections are in invalid state (Running/StateLoaded). I want to delete them and recreate. How could I do it? My app is not working at all.

What version of Event Store are you running?
Is the projection emitting to any streams? If it is, the emitted streams contains metadata about the projection emitting to it and you will run into issues if you attempt to recreate a projection (which will have a different id) and attempt to emit to those streams again.

I would like to get more information about why the projection is in this state.

You can however insert an event into the $projections-$all stream which should be in the following format

EventType: $ProjectionDeleted

IsJson is false

bytes of the projection name in UTF8 (e.g. new UTF8Encoding(encoderShouldEmitUTF8Identifier: false).GetBytes(“yourProjectionWhichIsAboutToBeDeletedName”))

You will need to restart the node for the changes to take effect.

Hi! I’ve managed to delete projections using HTTP API, and then I deleted a streams (with ESHardDelete:true) which the were emitting to. Now I recreated on projection, with different name, however stream name is the same. And it is in state RunningRequest with 5.6% Done

The version is 3.5.0

I am still keen to see some logs if you are in the position to share them. This gives us some better insight as to how these situations occur.