How to enable tcp connection on ubuntu server

I am new to event store. I have setup event store on aws ec2 instance. I can access event store from url via default port 2112. I am trying to write stream using .net api onto port tcp 1113. I get an error as “Connection was closed”. Any suggestion on how to enable tcp connection, please?

It should be enabled by default and we often use ec2 instances. Are you connecting from another machine or locally? What have you bound ports to etc?

also for client connections 1113 is the default port not 1112

oops misread.

Hi Greg

Yes, I am using 1113 & trying to access it from external network. I did had a problem accessing http as well externally, I have to add “ExtIp:” on the /etc/eventstore/eventstore.conf file to make it accessible. Is there’s anything similar I need to do, to access tcp?

What does sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN say?

with ES running!!!

it returns value of {ESTABLISHED) for port 2113 but can’t find any for 1113

(FYI - my knowledge on unix is limited as well)

So let’s knock out things one by one. Let’s verify via say testclient or telnet (eg just telnet to the port) that you can access it via the local machine and what ip address etc that you use.
From there let’s try another machine on the same network.

Then a machine outside that network.

At what point does it fail? What were the commands run?

Also what is the exact config you are running with? It is printed on startup.

Seems like its failing at the aws load balance. Load balance can’t reach tcp 1113

How are you measuring this? I was giving quite exact things to run to try to isolate things/get more information…

Here is my 1st command

telnet 1113 or telnet localhost 1113

I get “connection closed by foreign host”. So I was wrong, its not aws load balance, happens on the local machine.

Sorry, is it possible to have hangout call to screenshare or is it too much to ask for? as I am using company aws account, not comfortable with sharing ip address. thats the only reason.

I can probably do but if its failing on localhost what command line are you running with?

And how would you expect an AWS load balancer to reach your server on localhost?

I am using Putty to connect to ubuntu machine in aws. For aws load balance, I am pointing to alias url which refers to DNS name. If you are available for hangout, then I am on here thanks in advance