how to build client in non .net language

As if I’m not struggling enough in .net, I would like to build a web application in node, probably MEAN. The domain, etc will be in .net, but the weblayer that sends commands and queries the read store will be in MEAN.

The issue is that I would like my server side web layer to implement an observer to listen to events from ges. I would implement to listen for events and communicate success or failure to the client.

In the absence of a node tcp api I don’t see how I could do this.

Are there any patterns for this?



There are atom feeds which are pretty trivial to implement in any
language someone also started work on a lower level node client
(protobufs over tcp) but I don't know the status of this

so would you implement a subscription by polling the atom feed at some interval?
I guess that must be how it’s done. I presume you would then poll for as specific a stream as you could rather than the convenient $all in tcp



right, if you were doing everything over http you would use that route, but in my case most of it is .net but up in the server side of the web client, where I"m only interested in communicating to the clientside information about success or failure, I would want to be more specific. that’s just implementation detail. I see the over all process.
Thank you.


So put information you want in a stream and read that stream…

If you need a tcp version, I have one over at It is not production ready, but it has almost all C# Client API equivalent tests passing. I have started on transaction support but have not finished yet. It should be good enough for proofs of concept.

That’s great. I will definitely take a look. This particular use of GES is for a very marginal and also a personal app so I can do whatever I want. I’ll let you know when I get into it.


You can long poll on a stream to do “subscriptions” over HTTP. Set the ES-LongPoll header to the amount of time you’re willing to hold the connection for.