Hosting multiple EventStores on a single machine

I want to host multiple eventstores on a single machine.

Is there anythin i should be aware of ?

Would I have to manually configure all ports or is there a easy way to not get the stores in a conflict?

Many thanks in advance


You would just have to set the ports (obviously you can't bind
multiple ES nodes to the same ports)

Oh also depending on how many you might also want to change the
default cache sizes (512mb by default) to something lower

--chunks-cache-size=VALUE or --cached-chunks=VALUE (1) is good here.


Keep in min, the value is in bytes:

For the first yes. For the second its in count of chunks. The two are
synonyms ... The second multiplies by the chunk size in setting the
first. One thing to be careful of here if setting bytes directly is
that it will floor to the smallest chunk size below the size you set.
EG if you have a chunk size of 1mb (256mb is default) and you set
cache to 2.5mb it will choose 2mb of cache.

Is there any documentation on these settings and how they work? Some more info on what a chunk is, and which difference it makes to keep more chunks in cache, or when it would become degraded in terms of performance?

I’m in the situation where I would run multiple instances as well (small ones) and would like to understand the settings better for small AWS instances