Hosted EventStore

Hi all,

I’m writing an application where I’m constrained by the fact that I’m running on shared hosting.

Is there anywhere a publically available hosted eventstore as a service?

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Not as of now but there has been talking about running one

Any news on this? :slight_smile:

Hey Greg,

Has there been any developments in this area?

I was curious as to weather companies like [compose.io]( would start providing hosted/managed instances of EventStore.

Is there any reasons why EventStore wouldn’t be suited to 3rd party provider hosting?


Not anything specific to cause an issue, more just setting it up.

Whats the latest on providing a hosted/managed eventstore as a service? We would be more then happy to pay for such a service.


Managed Event Store service on AWS would be a big boon. I am ready to pay from day 1.


define managed is this for a managed cluster or for a pay per MB/etc type service? The first is very easy to do the second requires a lot of work.

For us at the moment, we’re more concerned with having someone manage the install, setup, and maintenance/tuning of a cluster. Even if it was someone from your team just maintaining it on our cloud infra, that would be fine until a full cloud ES service could be rolled out. The end effect being, of course, that we primarily just deal with the app code. As for long term, it’d be neat to see a full cloud ES service with a model similar to Atlas (mongo).


I too would be happy with a cluster managed on our infrastructure for now and then something like atlas. Maybe even something like ElasticCloud enterprize where maintainance/monitoring is built-in
to the service and you can create self-service clusters. Admittedly they use docker to do this and I’m not sure how well that would play with ES?



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We’re looking at doing this. We have people that have been using ES for a long time and could offer this. Our clients are asking us as well.

Post is some years old…

Is there still no hosted offer (SAAS) for an eventstore?

Other event stores (with less capabilities) already offer it: