Helping work out if they should add EventStore to their offerings

A month or so ago I emailed who are a really good provider of cloud-hosted data stores, currently including MongoDB, RethinkDB, ElasticSearch and Redis, and suggested the EventStore would be a great addition to what they have and possibly quite complementary considering the spectrum of strengths and weaknesses across technologies they already offer. They appear to be considering the suggestion seriously as last week I received this email from them:

A few weeks ago you mentioned that you use Event Store and were curious about our potential for hosting it. We’re still looking at new potential databases to host, but to get a better picture of how to bring value to people, we were curious if you could tell a story about your data and how you use Event Store.

Things like:

  • What problems are you solving with this technology?
  • Why this engine over other similar ones?
  • How many ops per second are you doing, and what do you estimate you’ll be doing in the future?
  • What’s the size and shape of the data you’re working with?
    Any bits of information about how you use what you use would help us to get a better handle on what to bring to people. Thanks so much for your time!

My personal use case is a private project I’m developing over time, so I don’t yet have a good sense of data volume, iops, etc. If you guys can chime in and offer some feedback re: the questions posed, I’ll point them at this thread. It’d be good to see adoption supported by more in the way of commercial offerings.

Hi Nathan,

If you want to put them in touch with either myself or Greg we can discuss any issues they may have with it.



Nothing beats that - but these references might help as well: