Have it been considered to include backup "out of the box" in eventstore?

I know it’s not that hard to set up backup according to the documentation here: https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore/wiki/Database-Backup, but have it been considered to add it as part of eventstore? Is there a reason why it is not part of the solution, leaving it up to everyone to do their own backup thing?

I think some operations departments, especially in some windows shops, might feel that it’s not as “safe” to use eventstore as using SQL Server since SQL Server has a built-in backup solution.


We could provide a script.

I think that would be good to make lower the barrier to use it from an operations perspective if the operations is conservative.

If the operations are that conservative they’ll likely be paying for support :slight_smile:

Although we may provide a script as part of of the open source packages in future, we have discussed writing a Windows Server Backup-type plugin as one of the commercial additions. If there’s significant interest in that we can look at it in future.

Considering the events are immutable, what advantage is there to doing a backup vs having another node?

Mostly protecting against bugs, and the ability to do off site backups.

Easier to ship around. I personally would like to be able to (safely) grab a copy of a production database and take a look at it / manipulate it on my dev machine.

Good point.

Especially if prod/dev are properly isolated.

On Win2012, backups seem to fail if the service is running. What’s the approved method of backing up a running instance? Is there a way to take a hot backup?

If no, do we have to…

Set up a second node? Can we set up a second node offsite? Will writes to the onsite node block waiting for the offsite to acknowledge the writes? If we stop the offsite node to take a cold storage backup, will it sync back up when we restart it?

The documentation is a bit thin.



Sure the normal back up instructions on the wiki work great with a
hot node (thats why there are two copies listed).