handling future events with GetEventStore?

Is there a nice way or even recommended way how to handle future events with GetEventStore? That is, I want to store/schedule an event that should be triggered in the future. Currently I’m solving this with a persisted queue that is periodically polled by a task. Would be nice if some more elegant solution would be possible using the GetEventStore…

Normally I would suggest a micro service like what you describe. The reason why is there are many possible combinations for people want it to work. Especially with durability. Internally we have an in memory one. We have discussed opening this up to js code. Also we are looking at extensibility to JavaScript for micro services etc

That kind of extensibility sounds great to me.
I’m sure there will be tons of features that could be added to the GES leveraging this extensibility.

Alarm clock? :slight_smile:


OIC, I misread your post :\