HA Binaries / Official Release

Any word on the official binaries for HA?



We are currently dealing with a stress test failure in mono (looks like a gc problem)

I figured I would check back in about once a month. The downloads page is up to 3.0 rc2 - which sounds very promising. Any updates getting closer to a solid production v3?

Thank you for any insights.

Hello team, I’m checking back in, to see if you have any status updates?

RC2 is from March 19th.

Any available plans to share to get to a solid V3 launch, or more insight into what’s holding that up?

Thank you for the great product!

Hello Team!

I’ve been checking since March on the GA for v3. I’m not adding any pressure, what we’re using now is stable and rocking 100%. Just a general inquiry.

With that … any current updates on GA for V3 ? Big show stoppers or other thoughts to share?

Thanks again!

Yeah, we are also looking for a release date of V3.0. What’s the plan?


Looks like as of today, 3.0.0 is marked as stable on the Download Site!



That’s right - we finally pushed the button on v3.0.0 at the party last night. We’re anticipating there’ll be a service release for it within a few weeks when people inevitably find issues!