gRPC Connection with ReactJS Application

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate ES with ReactJS application and I am following the code mentioned in here. It complained about http2 module and after adding http2 it started to complain about framer even after adding the package.

Error: Cannot find module ‘./framer’

Has anyone else faced something similar? or any ideas how to resolve it?


P.S: I am using ES on Docker with legacy protocols enabled (TCP and AtomPub)

The client library you linked to is for node js, not browsers. Proper support for browsers will have to be built on gRPC-web. EventStore makes use of gRPC streaming, which just isn’t there yet.

In the meantime you can always fall back to the atom protocol. It has not changed since 5.x so the docs still apply.

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@Joao_Braganca can I use this in my situation?

I don’t see why not!

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