Got 'NotHandled' response when trying to read an event on a Slave node.


I have an user of the Haskell client who tried to read an event out of a cluster of 3 nodes. That user didn’t use a cluster connection, sticking to a regular one.

When trying to read an event from the master node, the user managed to retrieve the event. However when dealing with slave nodes, the user got a NotHandled

response. Not that for every attempt to read a single event from those nodes, requireMaster was set to false.

Unfortunately, that user didn’t provide any information about the EventStore server used.

What I would like to know is if that situation seems normal to you (having a ‘not handled’ response on slave node) before I have to go deeper into my code.

Thanks in advance for your help,


This can happen if the node is still initializing.

Thanks for you response.

I just got some news from the user and switching to cluster connection solved his issue.