golang client?

anyone know of a decent stable GoLang client for GES?

I’m really interested in diving in to a GoLang project :slight_smile:

We don't have one as of now (aside from atom client)

Is there any particular reason you’re aware of that non one has taken up a TCP golang client? Is it somehow unsuited or…? If not, and I wanted to do so, could you point me at some helpful resources to get me started?

I believe Pieter started on one at one point, there is no reason it
can't be built. The best place to start is the protocol which is
protobufs over tcp.

I understand James will be reviewing on possibly OSS’ing one shortly. I think I can work with the Atom client until that becomes available.

My brother is also working on one. https://github.com/jdextraze/go-gesclient

That’s awesome Nicolas! Thanks for sharing.
Would be great to compare notes with the one i’ve been tinkering on here : https://github.com/pgermishuys/goes