Glimpse plugin for EventStore


I’ve created a Glimpse plugin for Event Store:



It is an early version, but still allows you to view all method calls on IEventStoreConnection including duration, arguments and results.

I plan to add support for timeline and proper timings for async methods soon.


  1. Add Glimpse.EventStore package to the project where you create an instance of IEventStoreConnection,
  2. Replace calls to EventStore.ClientAPI.EventStoreConnection.Create(...) withGlimpse.EventStore.ProfiledEventStoreConnection.Create(...). ProfiledEventStoreConnection has exactly the same Create methods as EventStoreConnection.
    No other changes in the code are needed.

You can hide user password provided in UserCredentials by adding an entry to <appSettings> in web.config file:

<add key="Glimpse.EventStore:HideUserCredentialsPassword" value="True" />

Feedback is welcomed!



Just pushed the first release version to NuGet:

Recent changes include timeline support and source package in