Ghost Connections

@theunis.vanderstoep, I apologise for the delay. I think that it’s as you said, so if there is no load balancer or proxy between your client apps and ESDB, then proxy/lb on the API layer should not impact.

Did you manage to find more about your issue? Is it still occurring?

Hi @oskar.dudycz, I have searched everywhere, but can’t seem to find the culprit. We have had loss of our dev SF cluster as well as production due to this, so we are currently monitoring our ES persistent subs very closely.

Cannot say for sure that it is the connections to ES that is causing the issues, but currently everything is pointing to it. We are periodically restarting servers on a daily basis to ensure we don’t get port exhaustion again.

Not sure but I am wondering if it is not us providing custom HttpClient in some instances to the ES client? I know port exhaustion can happen if you are not using HttpClientFactory.

Will investigate and let you know once we have more detail.