Getting a Denied Access when trying to subscribe to a "$ce-" stream


I have pulled today the last docker image of the event store and I’m using the haskell client of the event store…

I’m getting a “Denied Access” when I’m subscribing to a system projected stream (via $by_category), I’m connected with the admin user…

Does it ring a bell to you guys ?

Otherwise, something that would help me is to do that subscription via a “curl” to verify if it’s not an issue from the client I’m using…, I didn’t find how to do it so far…

Hello Nicolas, If you mean by the latest docker image, EventStore 6 preview, you have an expected behavior. The Haskell client doesn’t support the brand new gRPC interface yet. Considering my work on supporting the gRPC interface on my Rust client has stalled (WebPki is lacking a feature I need), I could work on the Haskell version instead, possibly something available next week.


Hi Yorick

To be more accurate I’m using these 2 versions :

  • ES : “”

  • Client : 1.3.3

It’s my bad actually… sorry :frowning: I thought I was passing the credentials and I wasn’t !
My issue is resolved…

Thanks Yorick.