GetEventStore on Azure


I’ve been flirting the idea of using geteventstore in our products for quite awhile but never hit the go button. I’m not new to all things CQRS from an architecture point of view and implementation using non geteventstore databases.

The requirement is that it needs to work in Azure.

  1. Are any published guidelines or blogs/articles for geteventstore (production and development environments) in Azure?

  2. Easy to follow to tutorial around deploying in such an environment? Something that would help jump start the development team?

  3. We are planning moving the backend system from C#/.NET to a nodejs/javascript based implementation. Any limitation that we need to think about within the realm of geteventstore to do so?

I ask this because in my research he information I’ve found is quite limited, so I get the impression that is not a “popular” solution amongst geteventstore users.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Quite a few run in azure (though more run in AWS). Without having any
idea of your load etc its really hard to make any kind of

In particular latency requirements are important in Azure. I would highly recommend using AWS (or anything else) instead.

Thank you for your reply and suggestion.

In normal situation I would take that suggestion to the heart. But apart from latency …

  • We are tiny startup
  • We have an 120K allowance to spend on Azure on the next 2 years.

So we want to take advantage of this opportunity to reduce internal costs,

What is the current best way to go around with geteventstore in Azure? Should we use Linux or Windows?

  • We want it to be able scale.

  • Our focus is mostly on read performance rather than write.

Thanks in advance for any help.