Get the number of events to processed from parked?

We are struggling to check how many events are waiting to be processed in a parked queue, and wondered if there was an easy method to achieve this (we seem to have a blockage on our system just now)

I tried browsing to the parked stream in the GUI, but can only cycle through the pages (quite a lot for us).

I also tried using postman:$persistentsubscription-$ce-SalesTransactionAggregate::Inventory-parked

The only significant number I could see here was the last Message Id.

Our GUI looks like this:

Does # of msgs / estimated time to catchup in seconds include parked messages?

In the simplest case there is “a” way you can get the number of parked messages for a subscription.


  1. Read the last event from the parked stream by reading backwards by 1.




  1. Read the event from the metadata stream for the parked event, if it doesn’t have a $tb before, then it’s never replayed the parked messages, if it does, you subtract the value from the event number you got from #1.



Thanks for the reply.

We don’t have stats running (at least I don’t think so) so I suspect I will just have to wait on all these events being processed.

Hi Steven,
Those stream names I gave were just examples, substitute your own with them.

For example$persistentsubscription-$ce-SalesTransactionAggregate::Inventory-parked for step 1

and$$$persistentsubscription-$ce-SalesTransactionAggregate::Inventory-parked for step 2

We are starting to think our parked queue is corrupt. Hopefully I am wrong, and it’s a lack of understanding, but we have had our Susbcription Services attack this queue for the whole day, and the # msgs / estimate catchup will not change.


I have been debugging this Event Appeared from Subscription, and they Events are being Acked. It just seems like an endless amount of processing, and very difficult to see the end.