Get all my streams

How can I fetch all of my streams?

Run the $streams projection. It oddly puts them into a stream called $streams :slight_smile:

Okay, thank for the suggestion.
But is there an example in C’, JAVA or whatever, that I can use.

I’m new to this topic. :wink:

king regards

It’s a predefine projection. go to projections and enable it…

It writes to the stream $streams read from it :slight_smile:

Okay, I understand.
It was just too easy.

Here my code in C#

Well and to keep reading I’m guessing :slight_smile:

Do you want streams are all your events? I am looking at your code, and it looks like you are collecting events. You can get all your events if you add this projections to ES



$any : function(s,e) {

if (e.eventType && !e.eventType.startsWith(’$’))

linkTo(‘allNonSystemEvents’, e);


Hi I tried you Code but it does not work.

==> var readEvents = connection.ReadStreamEventsForwardAsync("$streams", 0, 10, true).Result;

Returns 0 StreamEvents.

But beside the point. This returns the LAST 10 Events of all the Streams and not getting a List of Streams.

Does anybody have an idea how to get a list of streams?

The $streams stream contains a link to the first event in every stream. One of the properties on it is the stream.

Thanks Greg. Sorry for not finding this info myself. :wink: