GES stopped working on ec2 micro instance


My GES stopped working and is throwing those errors :

Couldn’t get drive name for directory ‘/home/john/db’ on Unix.

System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: ApplicationName=‘df’, CommandLine=’-P /home/john/db’, CurrentDirectory=’’, Native error= Out of memory


Does anyone has a clue ?

Thanx very much in advance.

Sounds like malloc failing what does top (or some other tool say)

Top is saying this :

19537 root 20 0 1766m 563m 5444 S 3.0 56.5 1:55.58 clusternode

%Mem = 56%
% Cpu = 5%

What is strange is that i a have a very few number of events for now - like 10 events per week to handle.


The box is a ec2 micro instance with 1GB RAM

Using projections could be an issue ? Because we use it.

Your issue is an “out of memory” failure from the df process. we shell out to it.

The commamd line being executed is also invluded in your exception… df -P /home/john/db



I upgraded my instance to ec2.small and now its working again.

Thanx greg for the help