Geo replication

I’ve seen in the documentation that it says people often don’t backup but simply add a new node. Fair enough, but I’m wondering about the possibility of geo replicating this in a custom way.

We have other datastores that are geo replicated in case our main DC goes offline, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to add another node (separate DC) but somehow mark it that it should NEVER be used as the master. ie, I want as up to date data in the secondary DC but only there for emergencies. I do NOT want it to suddenly become the master due to an election.

Is this possible? (or any better way to get near-ish realtime geo replicated data?)



V5 has the ability to add a clone node. In the next major version, it will be deprecated and replaced with a read-only replica, which fits your description 100% - get all the data replicated to it but never take part in the election.

Ahh perfect! Thanks!