Future messages

Hi. I remember Greg describing a simple pattern for future messages with Event Store a while back but cannot find it now (also not sure I understood it fully).

Anyone got a link, source, description, idea?

TIA, Peter

Was it this one? https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/5437-answering-a-question#video

Nope, it was a message on this or the ddd/cqrs list.

Think I’ve seen the video, isn’t it about the modelling rather than the implementation? (will check again though)

I have an in-memory scheduler now, need to make it persistent with fewest possible moving parts. Seems like there should be prior art?


What language?

C# or F#

So most messaging middleware has a concept known a a delayed send
which does exactly what you are after. In terms of implementing your
own something like quartz.net can do much of the heavy lifting.

Went with Hangfire btw, seems to be what the cool kid uses. Not overly impressed, but less clunky than Quartz.NET.