functional programming in javascript

This isn’t entirely off topic as EventStore is a functional db and it does use javascript.
Also I hope it’s ok with Greg and co.

I’d like to announce a google group I’ve created called functional programming in javascript.

Right now it’s mainly me asking questions, but I have the ear of some pretty experienced and helpful folks. I’m getting great answers. I just hope that others can get in on the action.

How this relates to EventStore is the following.

A) there is a javascript interface to EventStore which is very good, which I’m using.

B) I’m learning all this functional stuff in order to process messages off of EventStore. I’m working on my event dispatcher which takes messages off of ES filters them transforms them and then feeds them to event handlers.

C) It’s a lot of fun, and I know people interested in Event Sourcing esp with EventStore are smart and might find it interesting.

So again, to summarize, I have a google group called functional programming in javascript. There are some very experienced people in there answering my questions and I want others to benefit as well, so please stop by.



Raif, scala.js might be of interest to you, it has all the FP power of Scala, but compiled to javascript :slight_smile: