fromStreamsMatching error

Hi all,

I’m experimenting a bit with native projections on 3.5.0 and wanted to try out “fromStreamsMatching” with the following small example:

fromStreamsMatching(function(s, streamMeta){
    return s.indexOf("Sales_") === 0;

.whenAny(function (s, e) {
    linkTo('Sales', e);

However when I run this I get the error “catalogStream is not supported in the projections mode” when trying to start this. Am I missing something here? Also (not sure if this is relevant) all my system projections are running.

I am not sure if fromStreamsMatching actually works, it was originally
planned to work with the things we were doing with hooking projections
to lucene, I would need to review the code.

Ah right, thanks. Is the intention that it will work at some point in the future or will it be dropped?

I have an alternative projection which achieves the same thing as the fromStreamsMatching example but I’m not sure on the implications of using fromAll:


.whenAny(function (s, e) {

if (e.streamId.indexOf(“Sales_”) === 0) {

linkTo(‘Sales’, e);




These aren’t real use-cases, I’m just experimenting with partitioning streams a bit.

I honestly have to review the code.

Hey Team, any updated about below ? Because I’m still facing same issue, I do have version 4.0 installed.

The latest docs mentions this … so I guess this is supported ?