fromCategories projection

Is something like fromCategories(arrayOfCategoryNames) supported or going to be supported in future?


it could be but there is a new one which is fromStreamsMatching(function(s) { }) which you could naively use instead.



When I copy-pasted some projection from the integration test I got: catalogStream is not supported in the projections mode error

I am not sure if fromStreamsMatching is ready yet on dev. @yuriy can you let us know if it is?



Any update on this since March? Trying to use fromStreamCatalog() in a projection.

“catalogStream is not supported in the projections mode”

Using 3.0.0.RC2, but I see that the error message is still present in ReaderStrategy.cs in dev.


Ping. Wanted to see if there has been activity on this. The branch for 3.1.0 still contains the same error in ReaderStrategy.

Any news regarding this?