Filtering for only certain events from a stream

Hi all,

Is it possible when reading a stream to filter the events I receive.

I’ve got a situation where I’m only interested in whether one particular type of event has been stored or not.

Any help appreciated.

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There are lots of options for this.

1) Create a read model
2) Update stream metadata when writing that event to the stream
3) Read the stream itself on the fly
4) Write a projection
5) Write an external projection that marks another stream as true

If you say more about your problem (stream sizes etc) likely more
advice can be given which is best


Ok, I'm writing an Identity provider for the EventStore as we're now using this exclusively.
I've got a stream for each user, holding all changes to settings. What I'm trying to gdo is to find out where a PasswordChangedEvent has been stored.

Given that the user could change there setings--profile etc this stream may get large over time.
Any help appreciated.
Kind regards

Are you looking only for the *last* password changed event?


Why not just put them in a separate stream say $user-{name}-password
as opposed to $user-{name} you can then if you wanted even set
$maxCount 1 so it will only keep the last one.