Fatal error on unknown option


While attempting to upgrade from eventstore/eventstore:21.2.0-buster-slim to eventstore/eventstore:21.6.0-buster-slim I encounter the following issue.

[ 1, 1,07:47:11.557,FTL] Error while parsing options: The option HttpServiceProtocol is not a known option. (Parameter ‘HttpServiceProtocol’)

I am using https://github.com/dotnet/tye so it unfortunately injects a bunch of extra environment variables. Such as -e “EVENTSTORE_HTTP_SERVICE_PROTOCOL=http” when I use a http binding.

Regardless, I wouldn’t expect moving from 21.2 to 21.6 to introduce such a breaking change that the server wouldn’t start if I provide an unknown option.


I confirm, I’ll make an issue for this .
Not sure if this was intended or not .

@fredrik.johansson I asked.
It’s intentional; the behavior is now consistent with the config file parsing
: if you put an unknown settings in the config.yml file it will also prevent the server from starting (21.2 & 21.6 )

Thanks. I see this as mostly an issue with Tye. It injects a lot of extra environment variables. I could easily solve this by running my local/dev Eventstore via docker compose instead.

However, I do get the issue when moving from 21.2 to 21.6. When testing this morning it is this variable that seems to cause issues.
For some reason Tye injects the port binding as an env. variable.

Leading to:
[eventstore_fd99277e-5]: [ 1, 1,07:08:10.218,FTL] Error while parsing options: The option ExtHttpPort is not a known option. (Parameter 'ExtHttpPort')

Anyway. Not a big deal and I will report the issue with Tye.

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