failed to load a on windows with embedded client

Trying the embedded client from latest nuget on WIndows 10 64 bit and getting the following error trying to create a projection .

[12036,25,10:37:07.493] ‘$streams’ projection source has been written

[12036,25,10:37:07.680] The ‘deliveryproj’ projection faulted due to ‘The projection subsystem failed to load a… or one of its dependencies. The original error message is: Unable to load DLL ‘js1’: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)’

[12036,25,10:37:07.680] ‘deliveryproj’ projection source has been written

code is

var projectionManager = new ProjectionsManager(

new EventStore.ClientAPI.Common.Log.ConsoleLogger(), //fixme ilogger wrapper


new TimeSpan(1, 0, 0));

var all = await projectionManager.ListAllAsync();

//fixme use nameof class

var projection = @"fromCategory(‘deliveries’)


.whenAny(function(state, event){

linkTo(‘deliveryevents’, event);


await projectionManager.CreateContinuousAsync(“deliveryproj” , projection, credentials);

var all2 = await projectionManager.ListAllAsync(); // there are now 5.

C# projects are forced to 64 bit which is a requirement for Service Fabric.

Nuget config

Any suggestions ?


Fixed the DLL did not copy to the calling assembly.,


Ben, we’re looking at using the EventStore.Client.Embedded library with Service Fabric as well - I’m curious about your experience with it? Are you looking at embedding ES in Service Fabric as your primary method of hosting it in production?

Thanks for your time!