Failed to listen on TCP endpoint

I’ve got a new laptop with windows 8.1. Trying to run eventstore, but getting this:

[06332,15,10:05:45.086] ========== [] SYSTEM INIT…

[06332,15,10:05:45.117] Starting Normal TCP listening on TCP endpoint:

[06332,15,10:05:45.117] Failed to listen on TCP endpoint:

[06332,18,10:05:45.117] TableIndex initialization…

[06332,18,10:05:45.133] ReadIndex building…

[06332,18,10:05:45.133] ReadIndex rebuilding done: total processed 0 records, time elapsed: 00:00:00.

[06332,15,10:05:45.149] Exiting with exit code: 1.

Exit reason: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions

Tried googling the error, but no luck. Any ideas?

My guess is this is windows/3rd party security (e.g. possibly
firewall/anti-virus) and you are running as a user without permissions
to listen on TCP ports in that software.