Failed to get a gossip message in a Cluster settings


I’m still implementing Cluster connection for my Haskell client. I encountered an issue while I’m trying to get a gossip message.

For simplicity, my cluster is only comprised of a single EventStore instance. I’m using 3.5.0 server.

This is how I start the server:

./ --mem-db --cluster-size=1 --cluster-dns --cluster-gossip-port=2113


The cluster resolution worked and I got the right IP for that server instance (In my case, it runs on localhost).

Issue happens when I send a HTTP GET request to get a gossip message.



I got a response timeout.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks for your time.


s/cluster resolution/DNS resolution

Gossip will only give you a response if cluster size > 1

Good to know, thanks for the quick reply !