F# and EventStore

I have been following the latest DDD Europe conference, and noticed F# being mentioned.

Anyone got any experience with using F# with Event Store?

Are there any libraries which support F# talking to Event Store (I had a quick google and all I could find is a repository supporting ES 4.0)

if there is no support for F# to communicate with EventStore, does that mean it’s a non starter, or are there other options?

There have been quite a few people using F# for many years :open_mouth:

Many not surprisingly are in situations where their projects are not public (finance tends to be one!) and details may not be forthcoming. I know a few of them are on this list, maybe they will chime in.

Also there are some old posts on the subject who if you know the people likely work out their actual domains etc. Hint this is from 2013 :open_mouth:


There’s https://github.com/jet/equinox (disclaimer: I wrote most of it…)

There’s also https://github.com/thinkbeforecoding/FsUno.Prod/

If you’re at the conf itself, slack me on the DDD-CQRS-ES slack (there’s a #equinox channel in it)

(it supports v3-5 servers using the v5 client, and it’ll likely offer a Grpc binding too soon)



Unfortunately I am not at the conference (it looks great)

I will check out the github repo.

One of the main ones I was thinking of :slight_smile: Thanks!